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Steel Warehouse Buildings

Steel Warehouse Buildings


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Anthem Steel is one of the fastest growing steel building suppliers in the United States . If your company is looking to build a warehouse in the near future you need look no further than the cost-efficient and durable buildings that Anthem Steel can provide. Anthem Steel is a leader in the steel building industry in providing custom designed warehouses to businesses and organizations worldwide. Anthem Steel buildings can save you time and money when compared to more conventional construction costs. We will customize your warehouse to meet your specific requirements.

An investment in an Anthem Steel warehouse building project is not a long, drawn out affair with unforeseen costs cropping up along the way, as many times occurs with more traditional building processes. All Anthem Steel buildings are pre-engineered at the factory and are pre-drilled, pre-welded, and pre-punched prior to shipment to your jobsite. Your building will be made precisely to your specifications. The pre-engineering of your building helps to facilitate quicker erection and reduce on-site labor costs. Anthem Steel buildings feature an all steel design with sturdy I-Beam framing. Because there is no wood used in any of our building products the likelihood of rot, warping, leakage, and wasting is eliminated. Steel is non-combustible and the risk of fire is greatly reduced. This may help to reduce your building insurance premiums. We only utilize premium quality 26 gauge steel along with 80,000 psi yield Galvalume® roofing. Another feature is our clear-span construction width of up to 300 feet in width and no limitations on length. This column-free interior design allows for maximum use of your warehouse square footage and provides for a myriad of floor layout possibilities in an unobstructed interior environment.

Anthem Steel will assign a project manager (your person of contact headquartered at our corporate office) to help facilitate the proper design and rigging of your steel building. Your Anthem Steel project manager is assigned at no additional charge to you. Anthem Steel building documentation including Anchor Bolt Plans and Engineer Certified Drawings is also included in the price of your building. Your project manager can recommend erectors for your building or communicate with your General Contractor if you so desire. Your Anthem Steel project manager is a professional who is dedicated to the successful completion of your building project.

All Anthem Steel buildings are engineered to meet or exceed the building codes specific to the location they will be built in. Anthem Steel buildings are extremely resilient from the forces of nature including high winds, heavy rain, and abundant snowfall.

Anthem Steel welcomes any inquiries about our steel warehouses. Call 1-800-220-9436 and a professional customer representative will be happy to provide you with any information that you may require.

Advantages of Steel Warehouse Buildings

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