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Steel Vehicle Dealerships

Steel Vehicle Dealerships

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The increased storage and mezzanine capabilities that an Anthem Steel vehicle dealership can provide allow for almost any type of showroom and shop configuration to be applied. The increased storage capability that an Anthem Steel building offers can help result in greater parts and vehicle profitability. The inclusion of a mezzanine to your steel building can also help increase storage capacity and flexibility in addition to accelerating service turnaround times.

With the ever-shrinking profits on new car sales, dealers need to be especially cognizant of how money is spent for new or expanded showrooms. Dealers have found that they can increase service speed, dealership efficiency, and provide greater margins to their business by investing in a steel building from Anthem Steel. The inclusion of an interior mezzanine can help to optimize operational efficiency and give your dealership increased storage capacity. Overhead space in many car dealerships goes to waste but the inclusion of a mezzanine in an Anthem Steel building can double your inventory space, hasten service work, and improve profits.

The increased capacity of an Anthem Steel building can add valuable floor space and expand storage capabilities. Anthem Steel buildings can be expanded to any design specification and provide a clear-span (column free interior) up to three hundred feet in width and provide almost limitless length capabilities. The cost savings of an Anthem Steel automobile or truck dealership building can be done at a fraction of the price of more conventional construction. Additionally, Anthem Steel can save you money at the jobsite. Anthem Steel buildings are pre-engineered at the plant and all the pre-drilling, pre-punching, and pre-welding is accomplished prior to transport to your shipping site. This can save you money in on-site labor costs when compared to the erection methods employed by more traditional construction.

Anthem Steel can accommodate any number of service bays, freight elevators, or any other interior design requirements that are necessary for your dealership. Anthem Steel will assign a project manager at our corporate headquarters to help with the design of your steel vehicle dealership. This service is provided at no additional cost.

In the vehicle dealership business time is money. An Anthem Steel building allows you to expand and better organize your entire inventory. This, in turn, helps you improve your aftermarket profitability through increased customer satisfaction, accelerated turnaround, and a more flexible dealership layout.

Anthem Steel buildings are pre-engineered at the factory to meet or exceed all local building codes. Anthem Steel buildings are built to last and are extremely resilient to the rigors of wind, snow, rain and any seismic activity. Anthem Steel buildings will provide you years of virtually maintenance-free service.

To learn more about how Anthem Steel should be your company of choice for your next vehicle dealership project call us at 1-800-220-9436. We will be happy to provide you with any information that you may require.

Advantages of Steel Vehicle Dealerships

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