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Many real estate owners and entrepreneurs nationwide are finding that steel self-storage buildings are a particularly good investment and can yield sizeable rental incomes. You can price, purchase, and design your own steel self-storage building or complex with Anthem Steel. Anthem Steel is one of the fastest growing steel companies in the world, and we supply affordable and efficient steel building systems to customers nationwide. We will help you to make the best cost-efficient decision for your storage requirements.

Anthem Steel’s fully engineered self-storage facilities are easy to erect and all buildings are pre-punched, pre-drilled, and pre-welded at the factory prior to shipping to your jobsite. Anthem Steel also includes many other premium features in all of our storage facilities. Partition walls are included to allow you to customize the space allotments inside your facility. A deluxe commercial trim package is also included with every storage facility along with color options for your exterior wall panels and trim. Unlimited length capabilities allow for a vast selection of layouts to maximize your storage space capabilities within the space allowed.

Anthem Steel offers the lowest cost available on steel self-storage facilities to offer the best value available on today’s market. An Anthem Steel self-storage facility can be purchased and erected at a fraction of the price that more conventional materials such as brick, stucco, or wood would cost on similar sized structures. You choose the exact specifications that you are requiring. Choose a single story self-storage building for the most economy, a multi-story building if your lot size is limited, or even a bi-level building for uneven land elevations. If you store contents that need to be climate controlled, an Anthem Steel self-storage building can be easily insulated and heating and/or cooling elements added.

Anthem Steel will assign a project manager, who is your point of contact at our corporate headquarters, to assist you in all facets of your building’s design and rigging. This is a free service provided to all of our direct customers both domestically and internationally. Your Anthem Steel project manager will help provide necessary building documentation, fully accessorize your self-storage facility, and even recommend erectors to assemble your structure. Your Anthem Steel project manager can even communicate with your architect or General Contractor if you so desire.

The management of self-storage facilities has provided many investors and owners lucrative financial results. You have total control over your investment. With an Anthem Steel storage facility you are investing in a premium grade building project that allows you to control the costs upfront and to generate needed cash flow quickly because an Anthem Steel building goes up fast. Anthem Steel self-storage facilities require minimal maintenance with fewer headaches.

Call Anthem Steel today at 1-800-220-9436 to find out more about our self-storage packages.

Advantages of Steel Self-Storage Units

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