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Steel Medical Facilities

Steel Medical Facilities


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Anthem Steel is a recognized leader in applications of steel buildings for almost any use. Domestically, Anthem Steel is one of the fastest growing steel building companies and services all fifty states. Anthem Steel can provide state-of-the-art medical facilities, hospitals, and sports medicine centers for professional organizations and universities. Worldwide, medical facilities are increasingly being built using all-steel construction for many reasons very familiar to designers and owners of commercial buildings.

Anthem Steel supplies steel buildings that are custom-designed and fabricated to specific requirements. We do not provide “economy” or “distressed” buildings that other metal building suppliers feature. Anthem Steel utilizes premium grade 26 gauge steel and durable I-Beam framing on all of our buildings. “Lightweight”, structurally efficient steel contributes to the construction of flexible/adaptable buildings and allows for a high degree of service integration with the structure. Anthem Steel structures can provide up to 300 feet of clear-span width. So if your medical building needs to house offices, physical therapy rooms, surgical theatres, and MRI capabilities, these can all be accommodated in an interior column-free environment. Clear-span construction can create large open-plan areas that are flexible for current needs and adaptable to the future requirements of your facility. The use of optional lightweight steel internal walls allows for easy movement and re-configuration to accommodate any change in the internal layout of your medical center. Design of an Anthem Steel facility focuses on integrating the services and structure for an efficient workspace and allow for more floor space to be efficiently achieved with fewer material resources.

The construction of an Anthem Steel medical facility is inherently fast. This is because all of our construction products are fabricated at the factory and quickly erected on-site. An Anthem Steel building can be erected in a fraction of the time that a structure using more conventional building materials and methods takes.

There are many sustainable benefits in investing in a medical facility from Anthem Steel. All of our steel construction products are manufactured at the factory. We only include highly reliable products, components, and accessories. There is a predictable delivery for our products and miniscule wastage on-site.

Each Anthem Steel building order is assigned a project manager located at our corporate headquarters who is responsible for the correct design and rigging of your facility. You incur no additional charge with the assignment of an Anthem Steel project manager to your building order. He is a professional dedicated to the timely and successful completion of your medical facility.

Advantages of Steel Medical Facilities

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