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Steel Building Design

Pre-Construction Services

At Anthem we understand businesses and individuals contact us at different points in the building process. Some are ready to purchase a building immediately while others need assistance developing their vision and evaluating the feasibility of a project. This is why we have partnered with Design Services Group (DSG), a team of experienced feasibility experts who specialize in evaluating construction projects. The DSG team will work daily with your representative from Anthem Steel to develop your vision, prepare you to build and most importantly provide you with the tools you need to not only communicate your vision but also evaluate the most efficient route to complete the project.

Click on the tabs below to see the elements of our pre-construction package and if you agree that your project will benefit from all or some of the services outlined below, please click on the contact tab and complete the form. Within 24 hours we will get in touch with you to discuss the package in more detail.

Floor Plan Example

Plan Your Space

Getting your initial vision for your project down on paper is the first step in developing how much space you, your organization or your business will need and how you to utilize that space efficiently. Our team will make sure your space is perfect and reflected in a final floor plan that can then be realized in a steel building. During the process our design team will work with you to rearrange and revise your floor plan until it is exactly what you need.

What You Get: An arrangement of rooms in the proposed building with a one-plane diagram of that arrangement with pre-engineered structural steel building considerations included.

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3D Renderings

After working with the design team to develop your final floor plan, the next step is to visually produce the entire building in the form of renderings. These renderings are an essential part of communicating your vision to other stakeholders involved in the decision to embark on a new project.

What You Get: Full color computer generated 3D graphics showing building elevations of all sides with door/window locations and dimensions, exterior finish, roof style and elevations, along with parking and conceptual landscaping. A PERFECT tool to present to investors and stakeholders.

Floor Plan Example

Project Cost Evaluation

Steel building projects can be as simple as some concrete, a forklift for erection and your metal building kit. On the other hand, there are more complex projects that entail many other factors and costs.

The detailed project cost evaluation you will receive as part of your pre-construction package is perhaps the most important consideration before moving forward on your project.

The DSG team will evaluate and present you with an outline of every cost from the first shovel of dirt to the last light bulb. This outline will leave you with no “surprises” after you commence construction.

Summary: Knowing exactly what you can afford when considering your building project can be one of the most valuable pieces of information you can obtain, BEFORE you start buying land or deciding to build.

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