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Metal Building Suppliers Feeling Changes in Steel Prices

Anthem Metal Buildings

From the awe-inducing skyscrapers to the simple aircraft hangers, steel is the perfect material for any building as it is strong and incredibly durable.  Able to withstand the pressures placed on it by weather and time, steel is the material of choice for all methods of construction. The demand for steel is constantly increasing and compounded by the slow down in steel production during the winter months, steel prices have been rising.

Steel Building Prices

According to The International Rebar Exporters and Producers Association (IREPAS) the price of steel in 2014 will continue to rise as a reaction to the increased demand for scrap metals due in part to the expected decline in iron ore and coal prices.

Global Production Outlook

Despite the typical slowdown during the winter season, the IREPAS discovered that export sales in North Africa and Middle East have shown an increase.  This recent discovery indicates steel production in these regions will put a dent into the pockets of the traditional steel suppliers from China, Turkey and Ukraine.  This is due in part to the fluctuations in currency exchange rates and DRI production costs.

Anthem Metal Buildings

As the global nature of the steel industry evolves, companies like Anthem Steel need to adjust to keep ahead of the market.  For many companies other than Anthem this means rethinking their strategy, only sourcing their buildings from areas of the world with affordable steel prices.  Anthem Steel will continue to supply only the highest quality American-made metal buildings available. In doing so, Anthem will pass on the savings attained with their buying power to their customers, which will aide in customer satisfaction.  While it can be difficult to predict where the steel market will go, strong suppliers like Anthem have been able to keep prices low.

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