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Metal Building Project Coordinators

Anthem Project Coordinators


Anthem Steel will provide assistance to your building project with the assignment of a project coordinator. Your Anthem Steel project coordinator is your person of contact headquartered at our corporate office. Your project coordinator is a professional who is dedicated to the success of your building project. The assignment of your project coordinator is at no additional charge. Your project coordinator is instrumental in answering any questions that you, your architect, or your General Contractor may have.

An Anthem Steel project coordinator is an experienced building professional who handles a number of responsibilities. Once you have finalized your building’s purchase order he will call to confirm the basic dimensions of your building.

This will include the finalization of the building’s length, height, and width. Your Anthem Steel project coordinator will then forward a color chart so that you may select your exterior paneling and trim colors. They will then verify the address where plans will be sent, and confirm the building’s delivery location. A comprehensive building questionnaire will then be sent that will aid in the proper design and rigging of your structure. This document asks about placement of any openings, what the building will be used for, occupancy, ceiling heights, and other items which will help to finalize your design.

If you have a general contractor, engineer, or architect that you are working with you can have your project coordinator communicate directly with them. Your PC will contact the city or county building department to verify the proper loads for your building. A customer guide will then be sent to you that shows a broad range of components (windows, doors, ridge vents, etc.) that you may want to select for your building at direct pricing. He or she will also recommend the insulation package proper for your structure. Once the layout and questionnaire are received back by the project coordinator he or she will review the entire make-up of the building with you. This information is then forwarded to an estimator to ensure that your building is properly engineered to all requirements.

A final cost estimate will then be sent to you that requires your authorization and signature before any additional work is scheduled. Once this is done a drawing release date will be obtained from the master schedule. If you do not have an erector for your building, your project coordinator can supply a list of erectors to choose from. When you are in receipt of your building’s drawings your project manager will go over them with you. The Anthem Steel shipping department will then be in contact with you to give you preliminary C.O.D. costs.

Once your Anthem Steel building has been shipped and delivered to the jobsite, the project coordinator will confirm with you that the building has been shipped to you in its entirety. Your PC will be available to field any calls during the erection of your building and coordinate with the factory, if necessary, to ensure proper assembly. He or she can help to resolve any coding issues that may arise.

Your Anthem Steel project coordinator is critical to the successful completion of your building project. This free service is available to all of our direct customers at no additional charge.

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